Machinery Safety

Matilda Equipment has developed our own innovative safety package based on the MDG-15 specification in NSW. Our mine safety packages are fitted to all its machines before delivery.

Safety features include the following:

  • Hand held fire extinguishers
  • Fire suppression system
  • Walkways and handrails
  • Grab posts, push ammounted
  • Cab and ground mounted emergency shut down
  • Machine service centre
  • HID and LED lighting
  • Reversing camera
  • Auto lube system
  • Turbo shut down timer


Matilda Equipment's Company Statement on Corporate Safety Culture Commitment 



Among our core values, we will include:

  • Safety, health and the environment
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Valuing people


Our fundamental safety beliefs are:

  • Safety is a core business and personal value. 
  • Safety is a source of our competitive advantage. 
  • We will strengthen our business by making safety excellence an integral part of all flight and ground activities. 
  • We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable. 
  • All levels of line management are accountable for our safety performance, starting with the MD. 



The four core elements of our safety approach include:

  1. Top Management Commitment. 
  2. Safety excellence will be a component of our mission. 
  3. Senior leaders will hold management and all employees accountable for safety performance. 
  4. Senior leaders and management will demonstrate their continual commitment to safety. 

Responsibility & Accountability of All Employees 

  • Safety performance will be an important part of our management/employee evaluation system.
  • We will recognise and reward flight and ground safety performance. 
  • Before any work is done, we will make everyone aware of the safety rules and processes as well as their personal responsibility to observe them.

Communicated Expectations of Zero Incidents 

  • We will have a formal written safety goal, and we will ensure everyone understands and accepts that goal.
  • We will have a communications and motivation system in place to keep our people focused on the safety goal.

Auditing & Measuring for Improvement

  • Management will ensure regular safety audits are conducted and that everyone will participate in the process. 
  • We will focus our audits on the behaviour of people as well as on the conditions of the operating area. 
  • We will establish both leading and trailing performance indicators to help us evaluate our level of safety. 

Responsibility of All Employees 

  • Each one of us will be expected to accept responsibility and accountability for our own behaviour. 
  • Each one of us will have an opportunity to participate in developing safety standards and procedures.
  • We will openly communicate information about safety incidents and will share the lessons with others.
  • Each of us will be concerned for the safety of others in our organisation. 


  • ALL levels of management will be clearly committed to safety. 
  • We will have clear employee safety metrics, with clear accountability. 
  • We will have open safety communications. 
  • We will involve everyone in the decision process. 
  • We will provide the necessary training to build and maintain meaningful ground and flight safety leadership skills. 

The safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is our Company Strategic goal.

Machinery Safety


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