Matilda Equipment Solves Smart Spray Problem

Matilda Equipment Solves Smart Spray Problem

Matilda Equipment has identified the issues being caused by the implementation of Smart Spray Watering Systems across water cart fleets within the mining industry. After listening to customer feedback, it would appear that it has become increasingly problematic integrating aftermarket water spray systems, with genuine Caterpillar machine systems. After close consultation with our clients, and Hastings Deering Product Support Managers, Matilda Equipment has decided to implement Genuine Caterpillar Water Distribution Systems across our entire 777F Water Cart fleet. We have done this in conjunction with overhauls on all our current water tanks.

The implementation should greatly improve maintenance department’s efficiency’s, as all service literature on Caterpillar Web SIS, and all parts are available at Caterpillar Parts Stores. Along with the usual superior product quality associated with Caterpillar Products.

Matilda Equipment has purchased genuine Caterpillar Water Distribution Systems and currently has our first two 777F Water Carts completed and available for immediate hire or sales. All units have less than 5000 SMU on them.

ME currently have 2 CAT 777F Water Carts with new CAT Water Distribution Systems available for both Rental and Sales